24-26 Apr 2019 QUIMPER (France)

Why the International Days?

Our main objective is to organise a multicultural event that will be an incentive for our students (and teachers) to learn from/about foreign countries, to gain experience abroad through study periods (Erasmus, among other possibilities) or internships or international programs.

Lectures given by our foreign guests :

Over these 3 days, our first-year students will have no regular classes, but they will be requested to attend some of the lectures given by our foreign guests. Attendance will be compulsory for the students.

We would be pleased if, in accordance with Erasmus practices, each guest could give 8 hours of lectures altogether (some lectures can be repeated). Those one-hour lectures should be given in a foreign language preferably (English, German, Spanish). 

As regards to the content of your lectures, we expect you either to deal with a topic related to your field of expertise or a particular aspect of the political/social/economic or cultural life of your country/region.

Please bear in mind that our students are 1st year.

Therefore, your lectures should not be too specialized or too ambitious, all the more as they will be given in a foreign language. The important thing is to give them the opportunity to attend lectures in a foreign language and/or to discover other universities and other countries.

N.B.1: Our students participating in those International Days are from the following departments:

Business Administration (including Finance/accounting, Management of SMEs, H.R.M.);


Logistics and transport;

Biology and food industry.

Seminar for administrative staff and lecturers in charge of international activities ( to be confirmed, depending on the number of people involved)

A seminar will be held with a view to giving the participants the opportunity to exchange information about their experiences, both in various aspects of the administration of higher education and in its internationalisation.

The IUT staff will, of course, be present throughout those 3 days and you will be in a position to discuss the possibility of organising staff exchanges with them.

Additional :

- conferences given by organizations located in our region

- Fair in the hall with local international twinning committees or other international associations

- “study fair” in the hall where documentation will be available for our students,  about your university

- conferences given by people working in international business ( e.g. export managers)





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